On November 14th, 1999, I ventured out, started my first company, ISHIR, and began my entrepreneurial journey. I had no business or entrepreneurial experience and only $1,000 in my pocket. Only enough to buy me an HP Pavilion desktop computer. But I had the drive, courage and conviction to take a risk and dream BIG. I have never been not afraid of Working Hard. I wanted to leverage outsourcing (which at that time was only available to enterprises) and bring IT outsourcing to startups (dot coms) and small businesses.

It was a scary start. Soon after I started my business adventure there was the dot-com bust, and I nearly went out of business. However, it got me comfortable with failing early. What I learned: If something does not work, you try something new, but you never stop trying. I had the persistence to never give up because I did not want to live a life wondering why I did not give it another try. I did not want to live a life of what-ifs. I also realized that the best investment one can make, is investing in themselves, and there started my lifelong quest for learning and growing.

Happy 24 years anniversary to the second-best decision I ever made. The first-best decision I made was marrying my beautiful wife, Priyanka Khanna, who has supported me through my entrepreneurial roller coaster all these years. She has given me the freedom to do whatever it takes to achieve my life’s dreams.

I couldn’t have done this without the unconditional support of my parents, Deepak Khanna & Kamini Khanna, my sister Shefali Khanna, my in-laws, and my friends.

No business can achieve any success without a committed, dedicated, loyal, and equally driven Team (ISHIR, BorderlessMind, Digital Success, Madira Sprints and Passive Impact) who are working hard tirelessly every day in making our dream a reality.

I have also been blessed with great leaders and other entrepreneurs who poured into me their own life’s experiences to help me become who I am today. I cannot thank them and many more who I continue to have the privilege to learn from.

After 24 years in business, I feel I am now mature enough to help other dreamers, entrepreneurs, startup founders and risk-takers to follow their dream of starting their own business adventure.

By sharing my experiences of failing, I want to help turn my failures into their future successes.

I would like to offer my thoughts and experiences by mentoring, speaking, coaching, and providing thought-leadership to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

I have created this website to allow people to engage with me and learn from my experiences and roller coaster years in business.

- Rishi Khanna



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As an entrepreneur, Rishi Khanna has started over 14 companies in the areas of offshore IT Outsourcing, Remote Staffing, Digital Transformation, Custom Software Development, Software QA, Data Center, Cloud, Mobile Apps, AI, AI Annotations, Real Estate, E-commerce and BPO/KPO.

He is Founder & CEO of ISHIR, ENO8, BorderlessMind, Digital Success and Anything Cloud.


He is a passionate, impact-driven, result-oriented, visionary, and persistent individual with leadership, operations, finance, sales, marketing, risk management, and technical skills. He likes to use his time to guide, mentor, and assist others to follow their passion and purpose. He helps others find their purpose, passion, and unique abilities. He is a life coach.


He enjoys building high-performance teams and guiding leaders in organizations to follow their unique abilities, become better decision-makers, stay strategically aligned and operationally agile. He has experience in building and operating businesses in the US, UK, and India.


Rishi Khanna is a serial entrepreneur, thought leader, mentor and founder of Leading Technology companies like ISHIR, ENO8, ISHIR Gaming (which was acquired by Aristocrat Gaming) and ISHIR Octavian (which was acquired by Octavian International). He established Digital Marketing companies like ISHIR Digital and Digital Success. Rishi was the co-owner of Opus Interactive (which got acquired late 2017), Media Run Search (which was acquired by The Big Group) and Onflow Media Agency (which got acquired by management buy-out and rebranded as DigitalC4).

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